Ingenieros Electricistas de Colombia

Quality and compliance in our work

Ingenieros Electricistas de Colombia is an engineering company which specializes in consulting
projects and management systems, offering quality services in order to satisfy our customers’
requests. Our company is focused on various sectors such as mining, oil and gas, Infrastructure,
renewal energy.

  • Within Infrastructure sector, we cover needs of design and construction, our company
    focused in: Hospitals, Buildings, Home, Shopping Malls, Educational Infrastructure.

  • In Oil and Gas sector, we mainly cover needs of design and consulting in oil and gas,
    pipelines (oil and gas).

  • We specialize in renewal energy sources such as photovoltaic, tidal, wind, biomass and
    Hybrid systems.

  • We offer technical meetings and training sessions according to your needs.

About us


Provide consulting and engineering services with responsibility, innovation, respect and integrity with the best standards of quality and experience, offering an excellent product to our customers.


By 2025, we will be the fastest growing engineering consulting firm, offering engineering and innovation solutions for our clients

Corporate Values

  • Respectfulness: Our organization practices a respect treatment with our customers, suppliers, strategic partners and all society.
  • Innovation: In a changing world, engineering must be the main source of innovation, that is why our company as engineers we are at vanguard of new technologies and always seek to generate added value to our customers.
  • Integrity: honesty and commitment are the pillars of our organization, that is why every day we effort to accomplish the commitments agreed with our clients, suppliers, strategic allies and the whole society.
  • Commitment: In our company, we comply with the agreement, we do our job well from the beginning, we work as a team and we feel your projects and needs as ours.
  • Safety: Everything that we do is based on the safety of our employees, partners and customers. Life is the most important thing in our organization.

Comprehensive Policy

Ingenieros electricistas de Colombia is a design and consulting engineering company for which continuous improvement and constant development of management policies, safety and health
are promoted in order to development healthy work environmental, ensuring the health of its employees and promoting the conservation of the environment. It is a duty of all our employees to accept their tasks and responsibilities regarding the policies and requirements established in the integrated management system, in order to meet the established objectives, quality of service, promoting the self-care culture.

Value Proposal

Our main value proposal to our customers is the responsibility and quality in each job done by us,
since we are highly experienced and qualify professionals to develop different activities.



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